May, 2008 Archives - BodyShop Business
Used Airbags Should Be Deflated

OEMs don’t recommend using recycled or used airbags. And you assume all liability. With those things in mind, I can’t in good conscience use them myself.

The Consumer-Centric Solution

With DRPs losing favor and shops in desperate search for profitability, creating a consumer-focused business model may be the answer.

Implementing Lean

An increasing number of body shops are eyeing lean manufacturing processes as a solution to their business woes. How do you implement such processes in a collision repair setting and break out of the “old way”? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Take Pride in Paint Prep

Every botched job I see reminds me of the lack of pride some techs and painters have in their work. Having a plan and following your paint system’s handbook goes a long way toward avoiding such disasters.

Our New Web Site Debuts!

It’s official: I am now a blogger. When we re-launched our newly designed Web site on April 14, I joined millions of others who use the Internet to convey their thoughts and feelings to the masses. It was truly a special occasion. I remember 25 years ago when I plunked down $900 of my hard-earned

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Quick! Send out an all-points bulletin! I have earth-shattering news from Captain Obvious. Brace yourselves for this … It seems coffee makes you more alert.  I know, I know. But did you know that, apparently, even the smell of coffee has this magical effect? Thank God someone finally unraveled the mystery surrounding the phrase, “Wake