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Power Window, Moon Roof Initialization on ’09 Toyota 4Runner

Electronic vehicle systems have made vehicles more comfortable and convenient to drive. They’ve also increased vehicle safety immeasurably. In your shop, however, they make complex repairs even more complex. Every vehicle has different initialization and reset procedures for a growing list of systems. Searching for instructions takes time – and money! OE information is a

EDITOR’S NOTES: Same Old, Same Old

I attended a recent Collision Industry Conference (CIC) and heard this: “We have all the people we need in this room to get something done without turning to politicians.” The person obviously believes that legislation doesn’t always solve the collision repair industry’s problems. I’ve also heard another version of the same thing addressing regulation of

PUBLISHER’S PERSPECTIVE: Fueling the Next Generation

Last week when I returned home from a trip to the West Coast, my mind drifted to one of my most difficult tasks: what to write about in my column this month. I know it sounds simple, but for me, it’s fairly difficult to choose an appropriate topic. Eventually, I decided to write about something

Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

The concern about creating a kaizen culture is always the same: “I don’t think my people will tolerate this level of change.” But failed change usually results from failed management, not people’s unwillingness to change. Create a culture they can thrive in, and you’ll soon be on the path of continuous improvement.

How to Sell Your Body Shop

So you’re thinking about selling your shop. Times are tough, and you’ve had just about enough of this crazy industry. How much is your business worth? How can you maximize its value? Read on and perhaps your retirement can be that much rosier.