May, 2011 Archives - BodyShop Business
Don’t Get Hung Up

Lessons learned from a successul dry-cleaner.

I Guess Henry was Wrong!

How the major paint companies are responding to the Xirallic shortage caused by the disaster in Japan.

TSBs Can Generate an Additional Income Stream

So what does it mean for you to “one up” the competition? You’ve invested time and money to install the latest and greatest software systems throughout your business. You have the best frame rack and electronic measuring devices available on the market. You have the most talented welders who allow you to replace panels and

Trends in Materials

Vehicles today are becoming “hybrids” of construction. Here’s a closer look at aluminum, magnesium, carbon fiber and steel and the roles these advanced materials play in the modern automobile.

Air Compressors: What to Consider When Buying

Rotary type compressors are now taking a larger bite out of piston compressors in the collision repair market, with their manufacturers claiming this technology is more energy efficient and provides a reliable supply of clean, dry air.

2011 Industry Profile

The award-winning BodyShop Business Industry Profile is back with a vengeance, offering you a statistical snapshot of what’s going on in the collision repair industry today.