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Are You Ready to Troubleshoot Complex Technological Systems?

BodyShop Business Publisher Scott Shriber asks the collision industry if it has the training necessary to deal with electronic stability control, TPMS, HAC/HDC and other technology.

BodyShop Business Editor Visits McLaren Technology Center

Jason Stahl felt like James Bond when he ventured to England for a tour of McLaren’s headquarters.

Viewpoint: Just Say No to Partial Refinish

Most body shops don’t address “partial refinish” on insurer estimates, but that’s like letting money walk out the door.

Radar Sensing Technology

Radar – really? If you haven’t seen it in a crunched car yet, you’re probably overdue. Vehicles utilizing this technology invented for ships and planes are now rolling (or being towed) into shops as a result of collisions. To repair these vehicles efficiently and profitably, you need to understand the specific nuances of each manufacturer’s advanced

Six Keys to Winning Negotiations

By adhering to these six concepts, you’ll win more times than you’ll lose when you face off with insurance adjusters.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Unless you regularly attend some training, you may not realize that there are more productive ways to do work.

Link Up on LinkedIn

BodyShop Business contributing editor Mark Claypool explains why LinkedIn is more than just a social networking platform.

The Shop: Wiesje Baskerville of Auto Hound

Wiesje Baskerville Owner Auto Hound, Freeland, Wash. How did you come up with the name, “Auto Hound?” Our last name is Baskerville, so it was a play off the Sherlock Holmes story, “The Hound of the Baskervilles.” Some people get it and some people don’t. The people who get it are typically well read and

Sandpaper: The Gritty Details

All sandpaper might look alike, but you would be surprised at all the
different components that go into it.

2013 Industry Profile

We surveyed body shop owners to put together a comprehensive report of where the industry is today.