May 2019 Archives - BodyShop Business
A Fresh Look at Lean Manufacturing

Where are collision repair facilities in their never-ending journey to lean manufacturing?

How Do You Avoid Being Defrauded By Customers?

If someone comes in for an estimate and they just want to take the money and not fix any damage and the insurer puts our name along with theirs on the check, should we just sign it over to them?

The Essential Craftsman

I’ve been a car guy forever. I drew cartoon Bucket T’s with flat-head V-8s, velocity stacks, headers and flames on my grade school notebooks.

Plan for the Future to Be Ready for Tomorrow’s Challenges

Don’t let the future smack you upside the head when it comes roaring through your front door. Address it now, prepare yourself and be the market leader you’ve always wanted to be.

When Apple Speaks…

The Apple Store has a standard operating procedure for handling a customer when they come in. Do you?

Revolutionize Your Body Shop With Texting Technology

Consumers, when texted, are 40% more likely to be a successful conversion for a business than when they’re contacted via phone calls and emails.