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Las Vegas or Bust: NACE 2001

NACE 2001 hits the jackpot with a solid line-up of seminars, a new action demonstration arena and entertainment by comedian Jay Leno.

You Can Make Vehicles Right Again

I read the very interesting and informative articles in BodyShop Business each month and have often had thoughts of writing to you concerning them but didn’t. But I can no longer refrain from commenting on information about whether a vehicle can be repaired to pre-accident condition. I think of the old adage I’ve often heard, "Every man is the best judge of the value of his own merchandise." If [a shop owner] says he can’t restore a vehicle to pre-accident condition, I’d be inclined to take his word for it. He’s in the best position to know, but it doesn’t follow that the rest of the shops need to accept his evaluation for their own work.

What’s Your Sign? OSHA Requirements

Caution, No smoking, High voltage, EEOC — your shop may be full of signs like these. Do you know which ones the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires your shop to have? If you don’t, all signs point to you sitting down and reading this.

Choosing a Distinctive Business Name

Here are a few guidelines from to use in your quest for a distinctive business name: