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Bugged: The Alliance of American Insurers.

Big bugs live in Maui. Here in Ohio, winter takes care of most of our bugs. They don’t have long to live so they don’t have enough time to grow into monsters. Bugs in Maui, however, never know winter, so they just keep growing … and growing … and growing. I know this because I

Doing the Impossible: Scheduling Labor Effectively

I’ve been in the collision repair industry for 21 years, and one challenge that’s a constant is effectively scheduling production staff. Scheduling in this business is difficult because you have different repair jobs coming in every day and no two jobs are exactly the same – so you can’t follow a standard scheduling method that

Why Didn’t I Think of That

Mounting a pickup bed.

It Matters: Manners and Grammar

Honesty and integrity matter. Ethical behavior matters. Funny times, phantom invoices, buried deductibles are wrong. Doing “anything it takes” to get the business is wrong. If you want to stop reading here, it’s OK. I am the mother of two teenagers, so I’m used to being ignored. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. However, I do

This Way Guys: Dealing with Steering

When an insurer began steering 60 percent of his customers to the competition, this shop owner didn’t sit around complaining about his bad luck. Instead he went looking for a way to get his customers back.

Web Browser: Mentors at Work

Currently this industry loses seven out of 10 apprentice candidates in the first 18 months and once they leave, they often leave the auto industry for good. Collision shops, insurers, mechanical shops and dealerships cannot afford to allow this to continue,” says Mentors At Work president and CEO Mark Claypool. Mentors At Work is an

Fast Food Drives Us to Distraction

I’ve been trying to tell my husband for some time now that he’s a hazard on wheels. A salesman, he’s off every day pedaling his wares and driving long distances to do it. And to keep on schedule, he’s often eating on the go. That means he’s ingesting anything from messy chicken sandwiches to (and

34-Money Matters

Today, many investors and small-business owners find discount notes offered by U.S. government-sponsored agencies to be excellent cash management instruments to help meet capital preservation, cash flow and yield needs.

The Clear That Took Afternoons Off: Clearcoat Problem

It started with a phone call. A customer was having trouble with his clearcoat. It seems the clear just didn’t spray right in the afternoon, so he was convinced that something was wrong with it or the hardener. I decided to gather some facts before I went down to see him. I knew the shop

You Want a Piece of Me: Sectioning

The term sectioning makes some of us regress into our memories to a time when we lived to cut and splice automobile bodies to such an extent that they became unrecognizable as to their original make or model. Come on, admit it, at least half of you are looking back, somewhat reverently, thinking about the

Got Friction? Metal Department vs. Paint Department

One of the longest-running battles within a collision repair facility is the one between the metal department and paint department. And in some of the shops I’ve worked with throughout the world, it had escalated past a battle – it was more like a civil war going on between these two main production departments. Each

Becoming the Mask Master

When I started in this business, I couldn’t wait to pull the masking paper off that “flawless” paint job that I’d so meticulously laid down on that well-massaged custom. In fact, you’d often find me tugging on the tape and ripping paper before even cleaning my gun. What I lacked in sense I made up