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The H2: A 6,400-Pound Baby Hummer

With the birth of the Hummer H2 (the younger brother of the military-inspired Hummer H1), the ultimate off-road machine just became more civilian- and freeway-friendly. Though not as big its big brother, the H2 isn’t small by any means, nor is it completely civilized. I predict this new addition could lead to a messy sibling

Market Pricing: Examining the Forces Behind It

independently of recessions and bear markets? Some industry leaders would say yes, they do. The reality is that body shop sales tend to follow meteorological trends rather than economic indicators. Hail storms and the shellacking of ice that some cities get in the winter do more to drive markets for body work than does the

Choosing a Management System

I’d like to share with your readers one of my experiences. In 1999, we expanded our business to a new location and a larger facility. Previously, we operated from a shop located behind our home for 14 years and had become quite successful. Along with building and expansion came numerous headaches we hadn’t expected but

Mastering the Mig

When I was faced with writing about MIG welding, it brought back memories of a friend who has long since passed on to the other side. What my friend Bernie lacked in luck (hence his early demise from an untimely car accident), he made up for with good intentions.