November, 2005 Archives - BodyShop Business
How to Drop 13 DRPs — and Live to Tell About It

It didn’t take long to learn that more volume doesn’t always equal more money.

Inflated Egos: ‘Head’ for the Hills!

Shops with prima-donna techs suffer from reduced morale, teamwork and, ultimately, production. If you’re ignoring these big-headed bullies and hoping they’ll go away or, worse yet, catering to them, you are your shop’s own worst enemy.

A 10-Letter Word for Pain in the Butt

How can repair shops go on fighting for D-E-D-U-C-T-I-B-L-E payment when insurance agents keep selling customers on deductibles they can’t afford? I’ve got an idea that just might work.

Even ‘Know It Alls’ Need Training

Take it from a reformed Mr. Know-It-All: You don’t know what you don’t know — so training is vital to staying ahead in an ever-changing industry.

The $665 Question

What’s dirty paint work cost you each month?

Ask or You Won’t Receive

Sometimes appraisers lie — so if you buy everything they’re telling you, you won’t make enough money to buy much else.

Disproving the Wheel Alignment Fallacy

The next time an adjuster wants to pay you tire-center prices for a collision wheel alignment, get out the P-pages and educate him till he gets it.

Sink Your Fangs Into This!

The truth never stands in the way of a good story … especially when it’s true! Here’s a typical scenario for many of us: You’ve had a hard day at work, and you can’t wait to get home to be greeted by the one who gives you that unconditional love and appreciation you so desperately

The Mustang Kid

Finding the wrecked 1976 Mustang was the easy part. Putting it back together was a real labor of love.

Debunking the Myth of ‘Pre-Accident Condition’

You may have the best collision repair facility this side of the Mississippi, but you still shouldn’t use the term ‘pre-accident condition’ to describe your repairs. It just isn’t accurate.

Minding Your Business: Why Can’t Insurance Companies Just Pay Whatever it Takes to Properly Repair the Vehicle – No Questions Asked?

When a frustrated Texas shop owner recently asked me this question, I understood where he was coming from – he’s tired of the hassles, headaches and hair loss – but at the same time, I was struck by the naivet

Our Lips Are Sealed: Understand Antitrust

And You’ll Realize That You Can Talk With Your Competitor (Even About Pricing).