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Prime, Featheredge, Fill…The Lost Steps

It takes 12 steps to prepare a repaired panel for paint prep. If you’re not vigilant, you won’t get paid for seven of them – costing you hundreds of dollars per repair.

Strategies to Stretch Profit Margins

Your options for increasing profit margins are limited when a vendor supplies you with the part, material or service. Instead, focus on improving the one profit margin you do have direct control over: labor.

Driving With Sharks: Off-Roading Means Being Able to Drive Your Car Into a Lake

To some people, off-roading means getting off the main roads and heading out to trails, deserts, mountains … To others, like former body shop owner Dave March, off-roading means being able to drive your car into a lake. “The idea of going fast on water in a car has always intrigued me,” says March, an

Will Insurers Eventually Purchase All Parts Directly from OEMs, Eliminating Shop Profits on Parts?

I’m going to play the devil’s advocate and say, ‘Yes, but only if we continue in our present path of doing nothing to stop them.’ We wouldn’t even be discussing this problem if all shops realized that the repair contract is between you (the shop) and the vehicle owner. Contrary to common, but misinformed belief,

Life in The Fast Lane: Shop Manager Devised Method to Take Back What Was Rightfully His

Fed up with losing work to faster competitors, this shop manager devised a new method to take back what was rightfully his.

The Collision Repair ‘Steel Cage Match’

Well, it’s officially two-and-a-half months now since taking over as publisher of this magnificent magazine. Eager to learn as much as I can about this industry, I’ve spent the bulk of that time traveling the country, meeting suppliers, distributors, jobbers and shop owners. By the time you read this issue, I’ll be in Las Vegas

Lowering Your Overhead

Earning money is one thing. Keeping it is another. You’d be surprised what shops can do to reduce overhead besides raising door rates