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Hopefully, you’re reading this on your journey to Las Vegas for this year’s International Autobody Congress & Exposition (NACE). As I write these words, we at BodyShop Business are busy planning for the upcoming event and looking forward to seeing many of you there. This type of face-to-face event provides all of us with an

EDITOR’S NOTES: One Hundred Grand

It probably seems like I’ve been harping on you about customer service lately. Unfortunately, I’m going to do it again. Customer service never fails to intrigue me as a potential gateway to increased sales. To say it’s still an unturned rock under which profits can be found is a huge understatement. Evidence of this is

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A/M Parts: Like, Kind and Quality?

I recently read a news story on your Web site [CAA Survey Questions Quality of CAPA-Certified Parts] and feel the need to comment. First, a little background on me. I’ve owned and operated a larger shop on the West Coast for almost 30 years and have experienced firsthand all of the different changes that have

ASK BSB:Supplements and the Law

Dear BSB: Is there a federal law that requires insurance companies to write a supplement within 48 hours of receiving notice? Signed: Stymied by Supplements Dear Stymied by Supplements: No. First, there is no federal law that requires an insurer to write an estimate. (In fact, state law typically doesn’t require insurers to write estimates

NACE: Double Down!

Countless classes and impressive exhibits will make your trip to NACE in Las Vegas anything but a gamble.

TECH TIPS: Water Leak in Trunk of GM Vehicle May Affect Radio

Have you ever had a customer schedule a collision repair, but when the vehicle arrives it has certain conditions that may not be related to the collision? Your expertise and experience may tell you that these conditions were probably an issue prior to the accident and that the customer may have never realized they were

TECH FEATURE: Nuts and Bolts of Suspension Repair

Repairing vehicle suspensions may seem daunting, but if you stray out of your comfort zone and give it a shot, you may just be able to add more dollars to your bottom line.

SHOP PROFILE: Shedding DRPs for Survival

Too many concessions and too few vehicles made profiting from insurer relationships too difficult for this family business. So they concentrated on what they do best: quality repairs, excellent customer service and savvy marketing.

BUSINESS FEATURE: Stamp Out Liability

Declaring that a customer’s vehicle is unsafe to drive by stamping the estimate protects you from a potential lawsuit, not to mention increases your chances of closing the sale.

LEAN & MEANER: Know Your Next Move

“Learn by doing” doesn’t mean “learn lean.” It means “learn how to create the future,” and know which way to go next. And the key to that is to paint a clear picture of your future.

COVER STORY: Win Fans for Life

By giving customers the ultimate service experience and treating them with gratitude, empathy and respect, you can earn their lifelong loyalty and increase your sales more than you ever thought possible.