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Scare Tactics

Adjusters often use the “steering” phrases.

Mc Bodywork: Three C Body Shop

n on the facility’s management is often monumental. Dumbing Down Our Workforce The expertise required to fix accident-damaged cars has long been the strength of the collision repair profession. It’s a specialty. From the viewpoint of the lay person, there’s still a good deal of magic surrounding the work. But during the ’90s, the industry

The Speed of Change

Plastics, metals – and even concrete – that can heal themselves.

Invoking The “Appraisal” Clause

Scenario: A first-party insured with collision coverage brings his damaged car to you for repairs. Your estimate comes to $3,501. The insurer has “appraised” (a.k.a “estimated”) the cost of repair at $2,255. Reinspections and supplementals have been exhausted, and there’s still a sizeable gap between the actual cost of repair and what the insurer is

Somebody’s Watching Me: “Spy Cam” Teddys

Secret “spy cam” teddys aren’t the answer. Techs produce at least 50 percent more when they know you’re watching them. Implementing a production tracking system – along with productivity bonuses – has saved one shop owner $87,200 per year and increased his net profit by 10 percent. A worker produces at about 50 percent of

Gunning for You: HVLP Gravity-feed Spray

Becoming the industry’s “gun of choice,” HVLP gravity-feed spray guns save you money and do most of the work for you. I recently visited autobody paint shops in far corners of the country. Every single one was using gravity-feed spray guns, most of them high volume, low-pressure (HVLP). How did this style of spray gun

Diversifying Your Repair Busines

If you’re managing your shop effectively, then maybe it’s time to consider broadening your scope from collision repair to cosmetic car care. Diversification can be an excellent source of additional revenue in your collision repair business if it’s done for the proper reasons and with the proper management. For nearly 25 years, I’ve been involved


Do you ever wonder what happens to body shop owners who sell their businesses? Where do they go? What are they doing now? Perhaps more importantly, what leads these folks to put their shops on the market and are they happy now?