October, 2005 Archives - BodyShop Business
CYA with A/M Parts

How can I cover my @*! when installing A/M parts? When the Illinois Supreme Court overturned Avery vs. State Farm, repairers immediately began asking the CYA question. And not since “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” has one little question fueled such debate. If only the answer were as straightforward as the question.

Gas Prices Provide Opportunity for You

Perhaps it’s happening to you. Or, maybe you’re already implementing it in dealings with your customers. Or, perhaps, you’re sitting there contemplating just how you’re going to deal with it. Prices are on the rise. In many ways, and with regard to many industries, they’ve been on the rise for some time. However, it seems

The Great MQVP Parts Snafu

This repair took 39 days when it should’ve taken only five to seven. Why? I’m guessing because we’re not a “Blue Ribbon” shop.

Crash Your Car … All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

Remember how your parents tried to teach you to think for yourself by asking if you’d jump off a bridge just because your friends did? Well, we’ve finally located the kid(s) who answered “yes!”

Eyes Wide Open: Two Techs Make the Transition from Shop Employee to Shop Owner!

With 60 years of industry experience between them, these two techs decided it was time to make the transition from shop employee to shop owner.

Barking up the Wrong Tree: Contact Your State Attorney General with Insurer-Related Complaints.

Because state insurance departments are merely taxpayer-funded bodyguards for the insurance industry, you need to contact your state attorney general with insurer-related complaints.

Strategies for Preparing – and Presenting – Your Estimate

The insurance industry’s reluctance to pay what I consider to be fair and proper damage appraisals concerns me greatly. It also concerns me greatly that many shops aren’t doing anything about it.

Play It Safe: “Culture of Safety”

Establish a “culture of safety” in your shop and insist your techs wear
(and properly use) safety equipment. Their families will thank you.

Turning Freeloaders into Paying Customers: This Simple Strategy Helped Us to Increase Walk-in Sales by 35 Percent

When your day is so hectic that your lunch consists of complimentary donuts from the local car rental company, the last interruption you want to deal with is a free estimate. Time is money. But don’t slash mention of the "F" word from next month’s ad copy just yet. With the proper system in place,

What Happens in Vegas..International Autobody Congress & Exposition (NACE) at Mandalay Bay Convention Center Nov. 2-5.

What’s happening is NACE. Where else can you explore 2,000 trade show booths, hang out with peers and gamble away your life savings? Not to mention, marry a complete stranger with Elvis as a witness?