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Another Leg to Stand On? Diminished Value

I’m not sure if you paid any attention to a recent story about an Ohio court ruling that an insurer had to pay for the “diminished value” of an insured’s car after a wreck. You probably should have in cased you missed it. Duke and Cheryl Rakich bought a GMC Yukon for $49,000 in 2003.

Follow March’s Example

BodyShop Business contributor March Taylor passes away.

What Kind of Repairs Do You Want to Do?

The only way to achieve consistent, quality repairs is to establish clearly defined goals and communicate them to your staff.

Point CounterPoint – Should an Insurer Pay for Both Tint and Blend?

Bob Cicconi, Shop Manager Cicconi Auto Body Lester, Pa. OPINION: Yes First, the fact that color variance decks are available indicates that the colors of many vehicles in the field drift from the factory standards. I sold autobody/refinishing supplies for 20 years and worked with paint manufacturers to develop blendable matches for numerous colors. It


‘Antitrust’ is spoken of frequently in the collision repair industry but is still often
misunderstood. Here’s a clear definition of what it is and how it relates to insurer- repairer business relations.

Collision Repair Salary vs. Commission

Each compensation method has its pros and cons. Ultimately, it comes
down to choosing the one that will compensate each individual technician according to his or her ability.

The Unofficial Collision Repair Dictionary

Many terms are used every day at our shops, but their true meanings are often muddled by the craziness of our business. A quick check of the dictionary can get us back on track.

Ditch Your One-Dimensional Ways: Diversification

Only selling collision repair service these days? Diversification is the answer
to getting your profits back and making your business worth owning.

In SOPs We Trust – Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures could offer a body shop owner more freedom and the ability to attract new insurance business by creating ‘verifiable’ trust.

It’s Showtime, Baby: The 25th Annual NACE Show

You can ‘bet’ that the 25th annual NACE show will offer plenty of business opportunities, not to mention a little fun.

Sealing VW Hood Seams

During the course of a busy day, many parts are replaced on customers’ vehicles. Often, these parts can be superseded, updated, discontinued or modified by the manufacturer. Without access to vital factory Technical Service Bulletins (TSB), you may not be aware of the changes or updates that the factory has made to those parts. The