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Don’t You Feel Smarter?

The 2010 BodyShop Business Conference that was held Sept. 17-18 in Indianapolis is now just a memory, and as I look back on it, I realize that for everyone who participated in the event, it should be a memory of learning and enjoyment. As a bonus, the weather cooperated nicely and enabled us to see

The Future Is Here

Search engine optimization. Social networking. Repair status tracking. System integration. Hearing these terms thrown around, I half wondered if I had wandered into the wrong conference – perhaps an annual gathering of Silicon Valley tycoons talking Internet technology. But no, a glance at a lighted projection on the wall confirmed that I was indeed at the PPG MVP

OPINION: Aftermarket Parts Are Here to Stay, So Deal With It!

I believe we can all agree on two things: OEM parts are superior to remanufactured and aftermarket parts, and insurance companies are going to continue to use remanufactured and aftermarket parts as long as they can reap significant cost savings. Knowing these two things, I choose not to expend my energy fighting big insurers head

BUSINESS FEATURE: How Do Customers Choose Your Body Shop?

There are many factors that come into play when it comes time for a consumer to select a collision repair facility. Do an honest assessment of how you compare with other shops, and you’ll be well on your way to knowing whether you stand out or just blend into the background.

UV Primers

Ultraviolet (UV) primer might be pricey, but consider the advantages and you might be sold on this amazing technology.

Used Suspensions and Remanufactured Wheels

Dye checking and magnafluxing are essential procedures for ensuring the integrity of used suspension parts and remanufactured wheels. And you can charge for this testing, too.

TECH FEATURE: Repairing Advanced Metals

With more and more advanced metals being introduced in the structures of vehicles, it’s imperative that repairers understand their properties to ensure safe and quality repairs.