October, 2011 Archives - BodyShop Business
Negotiating Claims: Refuse to Do It

Collision business owners are routinely and institutionally told by insurers that they must negotiate with them to an agreed price on repairs on property they don’t own, even though they have no legal standing or credentials to do so.

The Best Restoration I Ever Saw
Rabid for Restoration

Some people might call Dave Walden insane when they discover the lengths he goes to restore cars to factory condition. And that’s okay…because he actually agrees with them.

Turning Passion Into Profit

In an enterprise that typically results in a major profit drain, one southeast Texas shop has bucked the trend and, in fact, turned a passion into profit.

Web Presence Management: Obtaining Your Body Shop Website’s Domain Name

A website domain name broker offers
to sell you CollisionCenters.com. What should you do? I say pass. Don’t fall for these brokers’ tactics. Save a lot of money by registering your own!

Bridging the Generation Gap in Your Body Shop

Young techs and old techs can sometimes seem a world apart. But there are ways you can relate to them and motivate them and make everyone, whether Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers or Gen Y-ers, feel

How to Take Expert Photos of Collision Damage

Think snapping pics of dents is just point-and-shoot? Think again. A good grasp of the camera’s features, plus an understanding of framing and lighting, is essential to documenting collision damage properly.

Should I Be an MSO?

I tried opening a second shop more than 20 years ago and failed, but I learned a lot from that failure and am a better businessman today for it. With the MSO model taking off, I’m looking once again at adding another store.

Don’t Get Caught in the Trap!

Avoiding the “me too” syndrome that can drag you down in a tough economy.

Trade Show Takeaways: Applying What You’ve Learned Back Home

It’s trade show season, and we all know what that means: an overwhelming amount of education coming your away. It’s a good thing to learn, but your learning may be kept to a minimum unless you have a game plan in place. Attending trade shows over the last 11 years has taught me a thing