October, 2015 Archives - BodyShop Business
Management: Will the True Repair Professional Please Stand Up?

Be the expert and the professional you need to be. Don’t leave your future in someone else’s hands, and remember: occupant and vehicle safety should be the main concern.

Refinish: Don’t Leave Money on the Table

A look at my past production numbers as a painter revealed why I didn’t leave as much money on the table as some shops: supplements.

How They Work: Air Compressors

Air compressors are literally the energy behind our shops’ most vital systems. And there have been numerous changes to the air compressor industry since your grandfather put in that old piston air compressor back in 1963.

Electronics – Changing the Game Part II

When repairing vehicles today, the question, “Is the system working?” has changed to, “Is the system calibrated correctly?”

Employees: Developing Your People

Developing your employees is just as important as fixing wrecks if you want to grow and thrive as a company.

Cover Story: Rollin’ to SEMA

The SEMA Show’s back at full throttle, and we have the inside track.

From the VP: How to Gain a Slice of the DRP Pie

Whether your shop is big or small, DRP or non-DRP, your relationships with insurers are going to have the biggest impact on your bottom line above everything else.

Dancing With Google and Bing

Do the SEO dance to maximize your potential for search rankings. Dance with Google first, but allow Bing to cut in now and then.

Basic Maintenance

Sadly, for many shops, the maintenance schedule for their shop equipment looks like this: when it breaks, we’ll fix it. Maybe.

Publisher’s Perspective: Tip of the Hat to These Guys

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling PB&E products to body shops or you’re in a body shop repairing vehicles, we’re all in the service business.

Editor’s Notes: Change Is Everywhere

The auto body industry isn’t the only industry undergoing rapid change. The publishing industry is changing, too. So take heart in knowing that change is the one common denominator we can all relate to.