September, 2000 Archives - BodyShop Business
Is Your Shop the Only One

Ever been told your shop is the only one charging for that? Well … you’re not alone.

The Shop in the Middle of Nowhere: Tyler, Pa.

Cataldo’s Collision Service

Barenaked Ladies Spotted With Volkswagens

Despite the presence of Barenaked Ladies at Volkswagen’s recent “Driversfest,” held at the Pond of Anaheim, Calif., no one objected. In fact, many people cheered — men and women alike — as the Barenaked Ladies tirelessly performed onstage for nearly two hours.

Door Skin Installation: A Bonding Experience

While some OEMs have been bonding door skins for more than eight years, the repair is just now becoming an accepted practice in body shops. In fact, with the products and procedures available today, technicians can duplicate the same type of adhesive bonding that’s being used on door skin panels from the OEMs.

Should Have Known Betterment

Betterment. Sounds like a new flavor of gum from Wrigley’s. Well, to car owners and collision shop managers and owners, betterment might not be so sweet, and their attitude toward it hasn’t been so carefree.

Let Them Eat Cake: Good Rules to Keep Happy Employees

Keeping your employees happy is key to retaining them and satisfying customers. How do you tailor a rewards program to fit your employees needs? It’s not as complicated or as costly as you may think. With a little ingenuity – such as celebrating birthdays – you can have your cake and eat it too.

The Rest of the Way Around the World

After BodyShop Business’ roving reporter Mike Lawrence returned from his two-day, 17-country whirlwind trip – in which he studied collision repair markets around the globe – he determined that while each country’s market is unique, it also sounds strangely familiar…(Continued from the August 2000 issue of BodyShop Business).

The Fraud Triangle

Anticipating possibly getting something for nothing – and convincing themselves they’re entitled to it – repairers, insurers and consumers commit fraud on a daily basis, assuming that if they don’t get caught, no one gets hurt. But nothing comes without a cost.

Gore/Bush on a Collision Course to November

Next month, U.S. citizens (this includes shop owners) will have a chance to elect a new American president. Since Michael Douglas, Harrison Ford and Morgan Freeman aren’t running, the choice comes down to George W. Bush and Al Gore. How will the 2000 election result affect your shop, and will the president have the power to keep his promises?

Reaching New Heights: Separating Types of Painters

What separates the average painter from an extraordinary one? The “best of the best” pay meticulous attention to their technique, gun maintenance, gun selection – and everything else involved with painting a vehicle. In fact, the best paint techs are scientists, students, sleuths, housekeepers and dancers all rolled into one.

The History of Sprayguns

If it weren’t for a maintenance supervisor at a department store and a doctor trying to cure sort throats, you might still be painting vehicles with a brush – taking up to a month per vehicle. Can you say “cycle time nightmare”?