September, 2002 Archives - BodyShop Business
Better Safe Than Liable: Check the Safety Features

Hurried techs sometimes forget to – or just simply don’t – check the safety features on a collision-damaged vehicle. But being rushed is no excuse.

Scolded by Grandma

You’re better off assuming your customers are car experts rather than car-ignorant. One shop manager learned this valuable lesson from a little old lady who knew her vehicle all too well.

Complete Estimates = Bigger Bucks

Writing more accurate estimates doesn’t require extra man power or costly equipment. Just a little extra time on the part of your estimator will increase shop sales, improve efficiency and boost profits.

Collision-Related Alignments: It’s All in the Angles

Bad habit No. 1: not checking the important diagnostic angles and assuming everything is correct. Bad habit No. 2: sacrificing one alignment angle to fix another. Don’t react to a symptom. Fix the problem!

Damaged Goods

Fact: Consumers won’t pay as much for a vehicle that’s been wrecked and repaired as they will for a vehicle that’s never been in an accident. This market condition – or stigma as some like to call it – diminishes the vehicle in value, regardless of how expertly repaired it may have been.

And the Survey Says

Consumers’ attitudes toward a vehicle that’s been wrecked and repaired.

Inherent DV: One Man’s Disbelief

I truly don’t believe that a properly repaired auto is worth less by virtue of the fact that it’s been repaired. It’s not that black and white. How many times have you repaired a vehicle back to pre-accident condition – and then some – and said to yourself, “That wreck was the best thing that ever happened to that car”?


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