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Creative Estimating: The Controversial Issue of “Cost Shifting.”

The problem was that Nationwide audits all his sheets and when the color white shows a blend, he gets questioned. Simply adding a little time somewhere else in the estimate where the appraiser won’t get questioned is easy enough, and that’s just what we did. An hour moved to clean-up time worked for both of

Last Page: Making a Better Decision

“It is the law of life that every gain incurs a cost – and the most efficient decision, therefore, is theoretically the one which produces the greatest margin of gain over cost.” – Theodore Sorensen

The Lamborghini Gallardo

Please God, let me live to be 152. I don’t make this plea because I’m afraid to die, but because that’s when Lamborghini will give me the best birthday present of all – its Gallardo. Forget about sweet 16, with its raging hormones and chronic cases of acne. Automobili Lamborghini SpA proved that 152 is

Want $10 More Per RO?

If you’re not invoicing for paint and materials, you’re giving away
THOUSANDS of dollars each year.

DRPs: Our Business Skills

Stop the finger pointing. How well we do in this trade has a lot more to do with our business skills than with how “bad” insurers are. In fact, direct-repair programs have, dare I say it, made many shops more efficient and profitable. It was more than 40 years ago, but I still remember sitting

2005 Ford GT: Not Your Grandma’s Ford

Why do I know the Ford GT? Maybe because you’re old. But at least your memory’s still good. You’re likely remembering the 1966 Le Mans, when the Ford GT40 race cars swept the top three positions. The 2005 GT is designed with those road warriors in mind.

Don’t Be a Jackass

Writer John Shortell’s opinion on the industry’s left-wing, defeatist attitude and the insurance industry

Finding Flaws Before the Booth: Prep Procedures

Time wasted in the booth and on redos doesn’t pay the bills. Save time and money by establishing proper prep procedures.

If It’s Broke, Fix It: Allstate, Sterling, and Your Shop

“We finally parted ways,” says a Louisiana shop owner who – during the past few months – has voiced his concerns to me about Allstate acquiring Sterling and his own business’s shaky relationship as an Allstate PRO shop. “But we’re still repairing cars with Allstate drive-in estimates – and making more money because they’re at a higher labor rate. Go figure!”