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Laying Down the Law

When Michael Trinagel’s twin daughters were born 16 years ago, he drove them home from the hospital in a Rolls-Royce. Today, the only reason his shop, Personal Touch Auto Body in the Bronx, is still in business is because he took out a loan against the equity he has in his house – one part of

Repairing the Cowl Panel of the Ford F150, Lincoln Mark LT

At certain times during the reassembly of vehicles in your shop, certain parts just don’t seem to fit properly or won’t go back the way they were prior to your repair. This may have been a pre-existing condition that no one had noticed. Regardless of why this situation exists, it can be frustrating as well

The Joke’s On You at Smiley’s

Jeff Smiley usually has a fake grin on his face as he walks around his shop in New Castle, Ind. But it’s not the typical fake grin worn by someone who’s trying to look happy when he’s really pissed. Rather, it’s a “smile-on-a-stick” prop, one of several hundred gag gifts he has collected over the

Legislative Lowdown

Federal – The U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs held a hearing on “The State of the Insurance Industry: Examining the Current Regulatory and Oversight Structure.” U.S. Sen. Tim Johnson (D-South Dakota) addressed the need for modernization of the insurance regulatory structure into an optional federal charter (OFC) to establish the United

Collision Survival Guide

Business strategies for a slow market.

The Mighty MIG

A little understanding of MIG welding will help you become your own personal troubleshooter. It will also help you create welds that aren’t just ‘pretty’ but are able to pass a destructive test.

Eliminate the ‘Fear Factor’

A group of your technicians confronts you with a list of demands and threatens to leave if those demands aren’t met. But there’s no need to panic if you’re running a sound business and have a plan to introduce new employees.

Customers for Life

The key to getting customers to come back to your shop time and time again is post-repair

Custom-Made Revenue?

The growing demand for custom and restoration work has made it worth looking at by collision repair shops hungry for more profits.

Work Off Your Own Estimate

I remember 20 years ago when a wreck would be driven in or towed in and we would let the insurance company write the estimate, putting “repair as per insurance estimate” on the work order. Then, we would order the parts and fix the car. There might even have been an occasional phone call made

Taking On the Challenge

When Bill Babcox asked me to join  Babcox Publications, I immediately experienced multiple emotions: excitement, intrigue and curiosity, all based around taking on a new challenge. So, in the weeks following the offer, I carefully evaluated each of those feelings while deciding on what my next career move would be. Embarking on the journey of