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PUBLISHER’S PERSPECTIVE: Take a Chance on Change

If you’ve read any of my previous columns, you know that the recurring theme has been to plan for change and not be afraid of it. I read many columns in periodicals related to my interests and often wonder why there’s no follow-up to advice given or outcomes on upcoming events. So I feel that

EDITOR’S NOTES: Who’s Our Character?

She’s perky and cute and has hot pink hair. She’s nimble and acrobatic as a secret agent uncovering auto insurance discounts. And even though she’s not real, rumor has it she’s charmed hundreds of young men into proposing marriage to her. That’s right, I’m talking about Erin Esurance, the animated pitchwoman for, you guessed it,

TECH TIPS: A/C Service Guidelines for GM Hybrids

As more hybrid vehicles start filtering into collision repair facilities, you and your staff will need to focus on the many procedures manufacturers provide to properly handle and repair them. Aside from the complex electrical systems on these vehicles, each one may have a unique mechanical system. For instance, what we may have thought was

TECH FEATURE: Illuminating Aluminum

Aluminum is a different animal than steel. As it becomes more prevalent in vehicle construction, repairers will need the training and tools to
perform quality and safe repairs.

PROFIT CENTER: Going for Broke

Some shops still find installing glass a profitable endeavor. But it’s not easy when you want to perform the highest quality job possible.


Auto repairs rank among the highest incidences of
consumer complaints in nearly every state. How can this be if insurers that perform post-repair inspections are doing those inspections well?