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What’s a Crankshaft Position Sensor?

Back in 1979, I remember attending a Ford training class on the much-awaited EEC III computer system. It was the replacement for EEC II and was loaded with new features including the ability to mate up to the new AOD transmission. Of course, it was heralded by us factory types as the end-all in new

I Stand Corrected!

When I wrote my “Top 20 Tips on Improving Your Customer Service” back in July, several of you took issue with Tip No. 21 (I knew I shouldn’t have gone over 20!), which was, “The customer is always right!” Personally, I like hearing different perspectives. On my way home from high school one day, I

So You Want to Start a Restoration Shop?

“Restoration Shop” is a new column written by restoration expert Tom Horvath, best known for his SYSTEM ONE products used in “Jay Leno’s Garage.” He is now the manufacturer of Clearcoat Solutions.

Sectioning the Front Hinge A-Pillar of the Buick Regal

Here is an excerpt of an OE repair article for a 2011 Buick Regal A-pillar – front hinge pillar body sectioning (upper).

Saluting a Soldier

When Jason Clary was deployed to Afghanistan by the Army, he left his beat-up pickup in the hands of
a good friend, thinking he was only going to get a tune-up. But when he arrived home, he found out he got a lot more.

Livin’ the Dream

For Neal Bateman, collision work pays the bills. But his real love is restoring cars, which he makes more than just a hobby at his shop.

Profit Centers for Collision Repair Shops

Here’s a quick look at some add-on businesses that could increase your overall revenues.

Repairing Suspension and Steering Post-Collision

Severe collisions can often damage suspension and steering components. Knowing how to properly repair these components is critical to returning the car to safe operation.

Pro-Customer Advertising: Don’t Be Afraid

Center your advertising around the “pro-customer” concept and you’ll stand out from other shops. Why? Because nobody – absolutely nobody – is going to
follow you.