September, 2013 Archives - BodyShop Business
Can I Section Here?

The increased use of tailored blanks and new metals has given new meaning to the age-old question, “Can I section here?” Doing it the old way could be dangerous.

Blending Clear Into the Factory Clearcoat

This technique should help you avoid a clear line or halo coming back to haunt you.

All Bets Are On at NACE

NACE returns to Las Vegas with a more concentrated educational program and exposition that is as sure a bet as you can make if you want to raise your business to new levels.

Walking Away from Your Family Business

Transitioning a business from parents to kids is an emotional yet common occurrence in the collision repair industry. Planning now can save everyone a lot of headaches.

The Shop: Rick Hudak of Village Auto Body

Rick Hudak Owner Village Auto Body, Richfield, Ohio How did you get into collecting antique firearms? A few years back, I had some modern guns, and I have kids in and out of the house all the time. Even though the guns were super locked up, it still made us a little nervous, and I

Viewpoint: Include All Your Labor Operations…Because You Deserve It

You should be charging the hourly rate your business needs to get paid to be profitable and all labor and refinish operations necessary in the proper repair of a vehicle.

Making the Family Collision Repair Business Work

Communication is the key factor in making your family-run shop work.

Cater to What Your Customers Care About on Your Website

Customers don’t care about your claims of great customer service or your trust and integrity. What they do care about is how attentive you are to their needs.

Intermittent Airbag Light Affects Later-Year GM Models

OE-specific information helped save two collision repairers’ lunch plans.

Former Body Shop Owner Falls Victim to Perfect Storm

I recently received a letter from a former shop owner, and his story was disturbing. Yet it was a reminder that we are in a free enterprise system full of acceptable choices. So you must choose.

Never Give Up

“Never give up” – the Auto Body Association of Rhode Island’s mantra – might just be the key to getting collision legislation passed.