September, 2014 Archives - BodyShop Business
Have You Had Your Fiber?

Many more vehicle manufacturers are planning future composite products. With these changes, considerations on training for these repairs might be in order.

Don’t Forget the Small Things!

Technology has changed to the point where research before repairs is critical to performing a safe repair.

Lean: A Long Way to Go?

One lean expert says the collision industry for the most part remains mired in the traditional, wasteful model of doing business.

Detours: It’s Good to Be Here

A recent trip across the pond gave Scott Shriber some insight into the European automotive and collision industries.

Switching Paint Brands

Many times, the enticements to switch brands sound like a great deal, and they certainly may be. But major shop changes (like the quality and brand of paint and the local supplier) require major examination to determine the best outcome.

Social Media: Word of Mouth Amplified

Since partnering with a social media management service, Butch’s Auto Body & Paint has been able to connect and engage with customers 24/7.

Tech Tips: Whistling Explorer is Off Key

A whistling or buzz-type sound can be repaired by following these steps.

It Ain’t the ’70s Anymore

As vehicles become more complex, our compensation should be more in line with the times. Here are some common procedures we don’t get paid for but should.

Meet Our 2014 Executives of the Year

Multi-Shop winner Tom Griffin, president, Mayfield Collision Centers, and Single-Shop winner Rachel Minshall, body shop manager, Soerens Ford.