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CRA Seeks Industry-Wide Support for Anti-Steering Bill


The Collision Repair Association of California (CRA) called on
repairers in the state to rally around Senate Bill 1167, which it calls
“truth-setting policy” that protects consumers from insurer DRP
steering tactics. The bill, authored by state Sen. Pat Wiggins (D-Santa
Rosa) and sponsored by the CRA, states that when a claimant first
reports an accident, the insurer would be required to ask if the
claimant had selected a repairer. The bill then ties into current law
that directs insurers not to recommend or suggest alternative repair
choices when the claimant has selected a repairer. The bill was set for
a hearing on April 2 in the Senate Committee on Banking, Finance and

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CRA Executive Director Allen Wood says that insurers are opposing the
bill because it wouldn’t allow them to explain the benefits of DRPs.
“By opposing the bill,” he says, “insurers are admitting they currently
violate the law, which protects consumer choice by not allowing an
insurer to suggest or recommend an alternative shop to claimants who
have already selected a repairer.”

The CRA sent the bill electronically to all its members and asked the
California Autobody Association and the New Motor Car Dealers
Association to distribute notice of the bill. The notice included the
names and addresses of the author’s office and the legislators who
would be voting on S.B. 1167.

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