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Dave Rea of ‘Graveyard Carz’ on Resurrected Vehicles

In a recent blog post, Dave Rea of Velocity’s “Graveyard Carz” offers some tips on keeping restored cars “from becoming the unburied dead.”


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Season 7 of Velocity’s “Graveyard Carz” is in full swing. Mark Worman and his team at Graveyard Carz in Springfield, Ore., have tackled a number of projects so far, including a 1971 Plymouth Cuda and the 1969 Hemi Roadrunner Convertible.

In case you’ve never heard of the show, Worman and the Graveyard Carz crew focus on a very specific niche: restoring Mopar muscle cars “to exactly the way Chrysler intended them to be on the day they were built.”

In a recent blog post, assembly specialist Dave Rea offers some tips on keeping restored cars “from becoming the unburied dead.”

  1. Keep the car out of direct sunlight – It can dry out parts and fade the interior colors.
  2. Keep the car dry – Water can lead to mold and rusty floor panels.
  3. Keep the car covered – Related to the first two tips, covering the vehicle helps protect the vehicle from sunlight and moisture.
  4. Put the car on blocks – This is especially important if the vehicle is sitting in a field or in the dirt. Grass growing around the car can expose it to moisture, bugs and rodents.
  5. Prevent rodents and other unwelcome guests – Mice will chew through anything (including wires), so cover up potential entry points and put rodent poison in the car. Covering the car help keep out yellow jackets and other unwanted visitors.
  6. Complete the disassembly process – This enables you to store moisture- and sunlight-sensitive parts out of the elements.
  7. Drain the fuel lines – If that’s not possible, use a fuel additive.
  8. Keep an eye on your car – About once a month, check the car for moisture, sun fading or other issues.

For more, read “Keep Your Car from Becoming the Unburied Dead” on graveyardcarz.com.

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