DCR Systems' Electronic Claims Package Embraced During Coronavirus
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DCR Systems’ Electronic Claims Embraced During Coronavirus

After the initial launch of the DCR Systems Electronic Claims Package (ECP) one year ago, the company is finding that it is now being embraced by the industry during the current pandemic. The secure, cloud-based system was developed by Nexsyis Collision, a leading collision repair management software developer, and launched by DCR Systems, a network of dealer-based collision centers.

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“I believe it’s the first product of its kind and a game-changer for the collision repair industry,” said Michael Giarrizzo, president and CEO of DCR Systems. “The No. 1 driver of customer satisfaction in the industry is on-time delivery. The DCR Systems Electronic Claims Package provides 24/7 instant remote access to information, not only streamlining the settlement process but also eliminating a substantial amount of waste in the handling of claims.”

Giarrizzo said this has proven especially important in light of the recent restrictions due to the coronavirus. “It’s contactless and provides adjusters all of the information that they need to settle the claim without ever having to step foot in a shop,” he said.


When a customer first drops off a vehicle at one of DCR’s seven locations, a series of documents begins to accumulate in Nexsyis, the company’s repair management system. By automatically sharing that information in the electronic claims portal, all of the files associated with the repair plan are instantly available to insurance representatives and members of the repair team.

Insurers are notified of new repairs via e-mail and can log in using a secured link to access all the information they need. This includes the repair plan, invoices, photos, videos and any other supporting documentation. If additional information is needed, they can call or e-mail DCR with that request.


Prior to the development of the product, the business used a hard copy version of the package. They found that it was a major hurdle having photos, video and other media in multiple formats and often slowed down the process.

“We were spending valuable hours going back and forth with an adjuster by phone or in person, and scanning or faxing the needed documentation,” Giarrizzo said.

While DCR has had the functionality in place at all of its locations for the past year, many insurers were slow to adopt the new technology.

“I guess you could say we were ahead of our time launching this product,” said Giarrizzo. “When we first introduced the application, it had limited traction, but now all of a sudden with the pandemic, it really has become a viable solution and has been embraced by most of the insurers, which is really encouraging.”


When DCR learned that a stay-at-home order was imposed in three out of the four states where they operate, they decided to renew their promotion of ECP to insurers. They worked with Nexsyis to simplify the process and ensure it was customized to the current environment.

“Nexsyis was very responsive to our feedback and really understood what we needed to make this digital process easy to use for our employees and insurance partners,” said Giarrizzo.

Dave Braun, CEO of Nexsyis, said that this is just one of the projects Nexsyis has taken on to address customers’ unique needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.


“Through the various check-in and check-out processes required for both insurers and consumers, shops need to be able to address the need for physical distancing while maintaining social connection,” said Braun. “The ability to seamlessly handle this digitally will be a significant advantage for our customers.”

Since fully embracing the system, Giarrizzo said it has already helped streamline their business operations. “Vehicles are processed much faster and with a greater deal of confidence that the repair will be accurately completed while limiting supplements.”

Not only is DCR Systems receiving approvals quicker, but they’ve also seen an increase in repair plan accuracy.

“We often find repair planners can get distracted when they are in the middle of a repair plan and an adjuster comes in to review another vehicle,” he said. “By doing everything electronically, we’ve seen an increase in accuracy in the repair plans because they are able to focus on the task at hand before moving on to the next repair.


“We’re really excited about the response we’ve received from insurers. We’re hoping and trusting that this is going to be the way we’re going to work moving forward even after the lockdowns and quarantines are lifted.”

For more information about DCR Systems, visit dcrsystems.com.

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