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Dent Fix Brings New Glue Technology to PDR


Let’s face it. The PDR, or Paintless Dent Removal, market is hot and getting hotter every day. Just open any trade magazine and you’re deluged with all the PDR tool offerings that exist. Manufacturers are offering every configuration of tool imaginable in exotic materials, color coded, titanium centers with kryptonite tips. It gets overwhelming when you are in the market for tools that just work. And that’s really what it comes down to, tools that work. If you ask a group of experienced PDR technicians what they require in a good working tool set, you will get the same answers. They have a core set of tools that they use over and over again. They have their favorites and occasionally they have to go to the pile of obscure dust covered tools that they haven’t touched in eight months. PDR Techs look for labor saving devices that allow them to get the job done as quickly as possible. The faster they can pop a dent, the quicker they are on to the next one, which translates to higher profits. Competition in this arena is getting fierce. One of the emerging trends in the PDR industry is glue pulling kits. You might say that this is nothing new they have been around for years. And they have been. What is happening though is a refinement of the tools and the application of new adhesive technology. Higher adhesion glues are making these tools an appealing option to PDR Techs.

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Body shops are facing a changing market with constantly heavier competition. Acquisition groups are snapping up Mom-and-Pop body shops at an alarming rate. Insurance companies are jumping the fence. Gone are the days where a body shop can afford to languish shop space to long term projects and stacks of parts that might be used one day. Shop floor space is a commodity in the continual spiral towards super efficiency in the body shop industry. Longevity in this business mandates that every square foot of space has to be generating profit. Paintless dent removal can be a major profit center for conventional body shops. It can also provide a higher degree of customer service and satisfaction for your existing customer base. As cars become, what would be termed as more PDR friendly, shops can no longer afford to ignore this side of the market. There are all kinds of scenarios where a customer will spend extra money for PDR. Whether a customer who is leaving after a repair notices a door dent that thwarts your perfect repair, or the owner of a newly purchased car has received their first dent. Our glue pullers will increase your profit, create happy customers, and make a hero of you.


Of course these glue pullers are not a magic solution to every type of body damage, but they do work like magic on certain types of damage. Glued roof panels and areas where there is limited or no access to the back of the panel are where these glue pullers excel. They also save time in situations where you can access the back side of the panel, but why spend the time and effort if you don’t have to?

The Pro Kit is an all inclusive system that features five tools which enables the user to easily access damage on any area of the vehicle.

Tripod Tool– 3.5 inch circumference pulling area. Use with both small and large glue studs. Perfect for deeper dents on flat panels

Crossbar Tool-3.5 inch pulling area. Use with both small and large glue studs. Designed to be used in narrow spots or edges.

Cone-2 inch circumference pulling area. Use with both small and large glue studs. Perfect for door dents, hail damage or small dents that require a centralized pulling source.


Small T-Handle– .5 inch glue head can pull deep dents all over a vehicle. Can be used in pairs for two handed pulls.

Large T-Handle .75 inch glue head gives even greater pulling power for deep dents. Can be used in pairs for two handed pulls.


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