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Dent Fix Introduces DF-DPR70 10-Ton Self-Piercing Riveter

The automatic air-powered riveter is designed to perform common riveting tasks in modern body shops including self-piercing rivets and standard flow form rivets.


Dent Fix Equipment has introduced the DF-SPR70 10-ton self-piercing riveter, necessary for most OEM-recommended methods of joining aluminum panels together. The cold forming technique requires no heat and no pre-drilled holes. The user can manually adjust the actuator speed as well as rivet pressure according to the metal used in order to avoid panel distortion.

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The DF-SPR70 is a reliable tool for riveting aluminum panels up to 6.5mm with the rivets included in the kit, but with optional longer 11mm rivets, it can be used to assemble panel thickness of 8 to 9mm. The 10-ton pressure and included punching die allows for punching through boron steel in order to install flow-form rivets. The pressure and speed controls increase accuracy and enable the rivets to be inserted without panel distortion. A pressure gauge on the unit illustrates current pressure amount for controlled operation.

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