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Dent Fix Offers AluArc Arc Welding Unit

Dent Fix announced that it has added yet another offering to their aluminum repair line, the AluArc Aluminum Repair Station (DF-900ARC).

Dent Fix announced that it has added yet another offering to their aluminum repair line, the AluArc Aluminum Repair Station (DF-900ARC).

The AluArc is a drawn arc-welding unit developed specifically for thin aluminum car body panels. The innovative gun is equipped with a high-precision linear motor with a digital control, which provides refined synergies for effortless key or stud welding for controlled pulls.

Drawn arc-welding has several advantages over capacitor discharge technology, including:

  • Deep repair capabilities
  • Reduction in post-repair preparation
  • Excellent reproduction and reliability process
  • No impact on the reverse side of the panel
  • Gas protection prevents contamination of the weld
  • Closer key fitment for stronger pulling capabilities

The AluArc’s gun is equipped with a linear motor that provides two independently adjustable grounds and superior control of the welding cycle.

The user experience is effortless thanks to the digital interface that is both intuitive and functional providing two welding modes:

  • Synergic Mode factory pre-established programs
  • Manual Mode, which provides personalized settings

The kit comes with a five-year warranty and includes an automatic gun with two ground electrodes, aluminum keys, consumables box and lifting rod.

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