Diamond Standard Issues Important White Paper on Patent Parts Monopoly
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Diamond Standard Issues White Paper on ‘Patent Parts Monopoly’

The document discusses the role certified aftermarket structural parts play in protecting the parts industry and consumers.


Diamond Standard released their latest White Paper, which discusses the role certified aftermarket structural parts, such as those produced by Diamond Standard Parts, LLC, play in protecting the parts industry and consumers. The paper states that their presence in the market prevents monopolistic activity and prohibitive part prices, and reduces negative economic, environmental and social impacts on the American automotive industry.

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Diamond Standard states that its certified aftermarket structural parts are CAPA, MGA and NSF certified and provide a safe, reliable and affordable alternative to OEM parts. The company believes that maintaining a healthy marketplace for these parts is paramount for alleviating unnecessary social, economic and environmental impacts, including inaccessible insurance policy rates, multi-sector job losses, excessive automotive waste and rising total loss rates. Diamond Standard states that certified aftermarket structural parts mitigate these negative impacts by 1) creating a competitive parts market that prevents unreasonable price points, 2) keeping insurance policy rates affordable, 3) preventing total losses, especially in the case of second-owner vehicles, and 4) keeping auto repair shops open and American people working. Diamond Standard says these parts do not invalidate vehicle warranties, and in fact exceed OEM part warranties in most cases.


According to Diamond Standard, the contents of this document are the result of extensive research performed using credible sources and publicly available data.

“Successfully using the ITO to choke the American public, collecting ridiculous parts profits, creating unnecessary total losses, draining the repair industry of repairable inventory crucial for sustaining a fleet of older, street safe and affordable vehicles while forcing higher insurance rates on lower and middle income consumers are bullet points that can’t be overlooked in the bottom-line greed as it exists today,” said Michael O’Neal, president of Diamond Standard. “Your comments are encouraged and appreciated. To comment or discuss, email [email protected].”


For additional copies of this document, email [email protected].

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