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Dries Waterborne Despite High Humidity

Are you a waterborne paint user whose production slows to a crawl on high-humidity days? Or have you avoided waterborne paints entirely because of the long dry times? With the TurboAir Drying System®, this is no longer a concern. Using a turbine to supply large amounts of warm, dry air, it turns spraybooths into virtual convection ovens and levels the playing field between waterborne and solvent-based paints for only 50 cents to $1 per hour energy cost. Visit www.turboairdrying.com.

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Evergrade Introduces Two New Cordless Sanders

The RGX Pro 332 has a 2.5mm offset for finish sanding, and the RGX Pro 316 has a 5.0mm offset for aggressive sanding. 

Evergrade has introduced two new cordless sanders, the RGX Pro 332 with a 2.5mm offset for finish sanding and the RGX Pro 316 with a 5.0mm offset for aggressive sanding. 

These two sanders have been developed for the professional featuring brushless motors with variable speeds up to 10,000 rpm. They feature super low vibration for long-term use and comfort and Evergrade's patented Hyper-Radial technology developed with years of experience in manufacturing sanders. 

Walmec AMD-035 Membrane Dryer for Ultra Clean and Dry Air

The AMD-035 Membrane Dryer is the best choice for waterborne paint applications or other sensitive tasks that require the highest standard of clean and dry compressed air.

Snap-on Introduces New 1,000 Lumen Rechargeable Battery Bar Light

The ECFDG108 has a runtime of 3-1/4 hours on high and 24 hours on low, ensuring constant illumination for maximizing productivity.

Eurovac Introduces Eurovac II Dust Extraction System

The Eurovac II features a 2.5-hp motor capable of handling two technicians sanding at the same time.

LKQ’s SMART Brand Expands Assortment of Body Fillers, Putties and Glazes

LKQ has announced the expanded footprint of Smart Advanced fillers, putties and glazes now available at participating LKQ locations.

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