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Equalizer Launches Auto Glass TV Network

Auto Glass TV is a brand-new way to keep the auto glass industry aware of new and valuable information.



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Auto glass technicians visit their local auto glass warehouse every day for everything necessary to do their job that day. As they wait for their glass and supplies to be pulled, a casual wait time will now expose those technicians to much more information, products and education than ever before.

Introducing Auto Glass TV: a brand-new way to keep the auto glass industry aware of new and valuable information. Auto Glass TV (AGTV) is a state-of-the-art broadcast network that is available at auto glass warehouses. AGTV displays current area weather, local traffic reports, auto glass industry news, events, education, product demonstrations and original AGTV programming.

Equalizer designed AGTV around the accessibility to its Equalizer Store locations to broadcast quality content directly to the auto glass technician. The content is designed to appeal to auto glass technicians that are waiting in will-call areas and lobbies of auto glass and accessory warehouses everywhere.

AGTV displays a wealth of information that plays continually all day, every day. Auto Glass TV features the best possible content to give technicians specialized insight into the complex world of auto glass removal, replacement and repair. AGTV programs and ads feature a unique QR Code link on the video so that technicians can scan during the broadcast using their smartphones, then watch and enjoy the full video online when they have extra time.


For a complete list of AGTV broadcasting locations or advertising opportunities, email [email protected] or visit

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