Equipment Snapshot: Spraybooths

Equipment Snapshot: Spraybooths

We take a quick but comprehensive look at new advances in spraybooths.

A-Frame Paint Booth AF 141026 RF


Specs: 14’ wide by 10’ tall by 26’ deep (inside working dimensions); reverse crossflow booth with 30” exhaust fan; nine inside access light fixtures with lamps installed; intake and exhaust filters; draft gauge; installation hardware.

Why It’s Unique: This booth’s overall footprint is 14’4” wide by 26’4” long, and it has 14’ wide by 26’ deep inside working dimensions due to the reverse flow design using a bridge plenum. It’s the same size as a conventional booth with more usable room (no internal plenum using up working space). It’s easy to assemble, with no need to support the booth during assembly as it’s self supporting. Plus, all panels are bolted together for easy, stable and strong assembly. The length can be easily modified to meet your needs. Custom options include pressurization, pre-filtered intake, bi-folding doors and powder coating.

Trending: The auto painting industry is changing fast! This equipment allows you to add equipment quickly, save space, and be up and painting.

Garmat USA


Specs: Sideload downdraft booth with flush-mounted track system.

Why It’s Unique: This booth is small on space but big on production. Maximize production in your most minimal of spaces with a Garmat USA sideloader. The equipment includes a robotic drying system, flush-mounted track system, downdraft air flow and eight-tube light fixtures.

Trending: “Technology seems to be trending in every industry, and collision repair is definitely not immune,” says Johan Huwaert, general manager of Garmat USA. “The hope is the technology will make the process faster or more efficient while still being user-friendly. The buyer needs to keep in mind what works best in their environment, both geographically and internally, and if it fits into their long-term outlook. Also, remember that the technology is only as good as the user, so training and the cost of training should be considered. Ask yourself: Is the innovation really new, or has it been out for decades and is just repackaged? Will speeding up one cycle create a bottleneck in another area of the shop? Is the innovation user-friendly and easy to maintain? Will the ROI of the technology pay off for the life of the booth? Technology is only as good as the training, so how much training is involved? And what about the transfer of that knowledge? The idea is to have technology that truly improves the process, and is not just the next ‘new thing.’”

Spanesi Michelangelo


Specs: Tongue-and-groove outer wall construction; 8.86’ to 11.5’ internal height; 19.7’ to 27.9’ internal length; 13.1’ to 14.8’ internal width; double insulated; downdraft; 1.5 mil BTU; 15 hp, 34,000 m3/h airflow capacity.

Why It’s Unique: Spanesi spraybooths are custom built according to the end user’s application and environmental conditions. Booths are manufactured on site in a state-of-the-art, fully automated factory for precision manufacturing and quality control. Within the spraybooth cabin, extra basement racks allow for greater airflow, which reduces overspray and removes airborne contaminants from the painting processes.

Trending: “LED lighting is a feature that is starting to be requested more often from our customers,” said Tim Morgan, managing director of Spanesi Americas. “Not all LED lighting fixtures deliver ‘true’ color reproduction, which is vital to successfully matching colors in the spraybooth. Make sure that the LED lights deliver the full spectrum of color before you invest in this technology. Infrared drying fixtures are also popular options for some of our customers. In certain shop environments, these devices deliver efficiencies in the drying process, without the added costs of heating the entire booth when spraying small areas on the vehicle. However, you’ll want to reconsider this approach if you’re spraying a lot of parts off the car.”

Accudraft ITALIA


Specs: Downdraft or above ground; double wall insulated; galvanized steel with vinyl-coated interior/exterior; choice of exterior color; 10 hp; direct drive turbine intake and exhaust fans; digital programmable logic control panel; intake and exhaust VFD; automatic pressure control; standby economy mode; direct fire heat; full heat recycle; upper angled lights; wall lights; ductwork.

Why It’s Unique: The Accudraft ITALIA downdraft paint booth comes standard with every option available and is aggressively priced to compete with some of the lowest prices in the industry. In short, what is most special about this booth is the price. It is hands-down the only paint booth system available in the country that gives you such value for the price.

Trending: “Energy savings is king in the spraybooth market today,” says Accudraft President Guido Pippa. “Thanks to advancements in technology, the costs that used to be associated with some older heat/baking paint booths have been virtually cut in half. The ITALIA includes all energy saving options available, and the cost of running an Accudraft ITALIA paint booth is roughly half that of older equipment installed without these new features. Direct start electromechanical controls used on other systems make motors surge on start up, and dampers are used to choke off airflow when you need an airflow adjustment. The ITALIA has a programmable digital control panel and VFDs with EnergySmart technology. With this booth, if you stop spraying in the booth for a few minutes, the entire system drops down and starts to hibernate. Over the course of a month or a year, this can make a huge impact on the customer’s bottom line. The higher production shop you run, the bigger the impact.”

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