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Evercoat Introduces New Bonding Adhesives, Seam Sealers and Plastic Repair Adhesives

Evercoat introduced its new line of bonding adhesives, seam sealers and plastic repair adhesives.


Evercoat introduced its new line of bonding adhesives, seam sealers and plastic repair adhesives. This simple line is designed to meet the needs of today’s technicians, while reducing cycle time and improving shop efficiency, according to Evercoat.

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Evercoat says it takes the complexity out of choosing which bonding adhesive to use by offering adhesives that can be used to bond metal to metal, SMC to SMC and metal to SMC. The corrosion-inhibiting epoxy technology eliminates the need for an epoxy primer in the panel bonding process. Two bonding adhesives are available, #6030 Panel Bond-30 and #6045 Panel Bond-45.

Evercoat says its seam sealers are designed to be applied over properly sanded bare metal and give technicians the ability to match a multitude of OEM seams. Also, Evercoat seam sealers are paintable in 30 minutes. Two seam sealers are available, #6022 Heavy-Bodied Seam Sealer and #6023 Control-Flow Seam Sealer.


Evercoat’s line of plastic repair adhesives includes #6105 Plastic Repair-5, a fast setting epoxy that eliminates substrate identification and adhesion promoter. #6110 Plastic Repair-10 is a urethane repair adhesive that provides incredible strength and sandability. #6101 Universal Adhesive is a general purpose urethane adhesive that is ideal for tab repairs, emblems and molding adhesive, as well as other quick-fix applications.

ITW Evercoat has created “how-to” videos for these new products. Visit Evercoat’s YouTube channel to view them.

“Evercoat works with body shops across the country to develop SOPs that will help reduce cycle time and improve efficiency whenever using our products. Shop owners and techs can review our latest videos for Seam Sealers, Tab Repair, Single-Sided Bumper Repair and Double-Sided Repair online at,” according to Beth Skove, Director of Global Marketing at ITW Evercoat.


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