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Ford Adds New Parts to Collision Parts Truckload Program

List prices on those parts, the additions of which include parts for the F-series, Focus, Fusion, Mustang and Explorer vehicle lines, have been reduced by an average of 15 percent.


Ford Customer Service Division (FCSD) announced it has added 141 new parts to its Collision Parts Truckload Program, while reducing list prices on those parts by an average of 15 percent. The additions include parts for the F-series, Focus, Fusion, Mustang and Explorer vehicle lines.

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“The Truckload Program has provided a competitive environment for wholesaling dealers, body shops, insurance companies and our customers for nearly 20 years,” said George Gilbert, Truckload Program manager for FCSD. “More importantly, the program continues to be instrumental in helping collision repairers deliver the high-quality repairs using genuine Ford collision parts our vehicle owners expect and deserve.”

The 141 part additions include: 10 wheels, 44 grilles/GORs/GOPs, 42 exterior lights, five brackets, 12 mirrors, three steel bumpers, seven bumper bars, one isolator, six step pads, eight fascias and three valances.

For more information on FCSD’s Collision Parts Truckload Program, or for a list of the parts currently available, contact your local Ford or Lincoln collision parts wholesaling dealer or the Ford Collision Parts Hotline at the new email address: [email protected]. The hotline is available to anyone looking for information about genuine Ford parts, the Collision Parts Truckload Program or any other Ford collision parts program.

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