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Free Legal Seminar for Collision Repairers Will Touch on Shop’s Battle with State Farm

A collision industry legal seminar is being provided for collision repair professionals as a result of “overwhelming interest and questions from repairers and consultants across the nation,” organizers Ray Gunder and Barrett Smith announced.


A collision industry legal seminar is being provided for collision repair professionals as a result of "overwhelming interest and questions from repairers and consultants across the nation," organizers Ray Gunder and Barrett Smith announced.

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Gunder and Smith say this event will provide insight into the success repairers across the country have had in their efforts to aid their customers in the recovery of the full costs required for a proper and thorough repair.

Together, Gunder of Gunder’s Auto Center in Lakeland, Fla., and Barrett Smith of Auto Damage Experts (ADE), are co-sponsoring this legal seminar during which Gunder’s attorney, Brent Geohagan, will provide an open forum to offer information and answer questions as to how repairers may improve their businesses and service to their customers, while lessening unnecessary interference, encumbrances and potential liabilities.


"This will not be the standard training on how to increase workflow, cycle times or KPIs and such,” said Smith. "The information gained during this meeting will likely enable attendees to work much more effectively and to better serve the needs of their customers and their businesses through more efficient administrative processes while avoiding unnecessary legal liabilities. This information, properly employed, will likely result in greater profits and reduce operational costs and frustrations."

This seminar will provide information on legal basics, including an overview of the much-discussed processes involving the "Power of Attorney" and "Assignment of Proceeds." Answers to attendees’ individual questions as to how it may benefit them, their business and their customers will be available along with other topics such as:
• Understanding the Repairer’s Legal Responsibilities
• Understanding the Customer’s Legal Responsibilities
• Understanding the Insurer’s Legal Responsibilities
• Understanding the Difference between 1st and 3rd Party Claims for Repairers
• Understanding Tortious Interference
• Relationship Building Based upon Knowledge and Respect
• Recognizing Legal Liabilities and How to Avoid Them and/or Channel Them to the Appropriate Parties
• How to Turn Potential Liabilities into Significant Profits and Improve Your Bottom Line
• Making Your Repair Authorizations Legally Iron-Clad and Profitable
• The Importance of Knowing and Understanding Your State’s Laws and Regulations as They Relate to Your Business
• Recognizing and Understanding “Unfair Trade Practices” and how to avoid them
• Post-Repair Inspections…A Quality Repairer’s Best Friend and a Poor Repairer’s Nightmare!
• Understanding “Diminished Value” and its Benefits to Repairers and Their Customers
• Understanding “Federal Antitrust Laws” and What Repairers Can and Cannot Discuss Openly Without Fear


More information:

This free seminar is open to all collision repairers and industry supporting vendors.

Location: Regal Chevrolet at 925 US Hwy 98 South, Lakeland, Florida 33801

April 14 at 11 a.m.
Registration: Send your e-mail with your full name, company name and contact information to: [email protected] with “ATTENDING LEGAL SEMINAR” in the subject line.

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