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Free Visual Estimate Summaries Added to

Advertisement announced that its Estimate Scrubber portal has entered a new phase of workflow enhancements with the latest release. Estimate Scrubber goes well beyond simply reviewing estimates by helping repairers transform estimates generated using systems from the three estimating providers to visual summaries easily understandable by consumers.

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Key among the enhancements is the ability to generate visual summaries that bridge the information gap between estimates line descriptions and the ability of the average consumer to fully understanding a damage estimate.

"The free module translates the line item descriptions to visual representations of vehicle sections and operations," said Steven Siessman, president of
Within the website, Estimate Scrubber users can now print or email a visual summary directly to a customer for free, do a free check for missing operations and interact with vendors that provide promotional products/services to repairers using of the site.


Currently, visual summaries are generated in English.

"Though they work well with all non-English speaking consumers based on their extensive use of graphics rather that text, we plan to rapidly expand the content and languages beyond that supplied with current estimating platforms," said Siessman.

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