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Georgia Repairers Rank State Farm Best Insurer in State


Repair shops in Metro Atlanta were asked by the Georgia Collision Industry Association (GCIA) to give a performance letter grade to insurance companies on their claim policies, attitudes and payment practices. State Farm topped the list as the best insurer, while Nationwide was ranked the worst out of 10.

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To balance the score and arrive at a numeric analysis, the following points were given to the graded companies and weighted into the final numeric totals for those companies:

A (exceptional) = 20 points
B (above average) = 10 points
C (average) = 5 points
D (below average) = 5 points
F (very poor) = 10 points
I (not enough experience with company) = 0

The D and F scores (below average) have been subtracted from the A, B and C (above average) point totals for each insurance company. I is not weighted into final totals.
Following is the final point count and numeric ranking:


1. State Farm – 390 points
2. Georgia Farm Bureau – 285 points
3. Liberty Mutual – 215 points
4. USAA – 160 points
5. Allstate – 150 points
6. Travelers – 105 points
7. Safeco – 35 points
8. Progressive –15 points
9. GEICO – 25 points
10. Nationwide – 50 points

GCIA noted that the final analysis does not include AIG and Hartford since they had the highest number in the letter grade for I of all the insurance companies. Since I reflects not enough experience with that particular company, AIG and Hartford were eliminated from the point analysis and final ranking.

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