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Get the Gun: HVLP Spray Guns

wo in daily use with no deterioration to the snazzy design. Bear in mind that some paint removers and all abrasive pads will discolor even the best anodizing if you scrub hard enough.

Oh Yea … and Read the Directions
So what’s my parting shot on today’s HVLP guns? Read the directions that came with the gun. Gun manufacturers have spent plenty of time and money designing their products. Take the trouble to read what they suggest you do to get the best results.

Good painters can accommodate many paint gun failings – from low atomization pressures, to too fast a solvent, to lopsided spray patterns. But many times their job-saving tricks require another coat to smooth out the finish. Get the gun adjusted right, keep it clean and follow the directions, and you won’t need that last extra coat – saving labor time, the environment and material costs.

Clean up, rebuild and understand your current gun, whether it be HVLP, high-TE compliant or conventional. They’ll all work better.

Writer Mark Clark, owner of Professional PBE Systems in Waterloo, Iowa, is a well-known industry speaker and consultant. He’s been a contributing editor to BodyShop Business since 1988.

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