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Honda and Acura Collision Impact Kits Expanded For 2009 Models


American Honda Motor Co, Inc. announced the expansion of its Collision Impact Kit program, effective Feb. 1, to include select 2009 Honda and Acura models.

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Collision Impact Kits now include:

• 1998-2009 Honda Accord Sedan

• 1998-2009 Honda Accord coupe

• 2005-2007 Honda Accord hybrid

• 1996-2009 Honda Civic Sedan

• 1996-2009 Honda Civic Coupe

• 2003-2009 Honda Civic Hybrid

• 2002-2009 Honda CR-V

• 1999-2009 Honda Odyssey

• 2003-2009 Honda Pilot

• 1999-2009 Acura TL

• 2001-2009 MDX Acura

• 2004-2009 Acura TSX

• 2001-2003 Acura CL

Honda and Acura Collision Impact Kits provide parts commonly damaged in a major front-end collision, thereby reducing the overall repair cost and enabling some borderline vehicles to be repaired rather than totaled, Honda says.

Kit parts include front bumper cover, absorber and support beam, right and left fenders and headlamps, hood, airbags, driver’s airbag, driver’s pre-tensioner seat belt and SRS control unit.


For most 2002 and newer Honda Collision Impact Kits, the passenger side airbag has been deleted and replaced with the SRS unit and driver’s side pre-tensioner seat belt due to changes in airbag deployment technology.  

The kits are available through any respective Honda or Acura dealer. Contact your local dealer for full details and application information.

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