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Houston City Council Delays Vote on Licensing Ordinance


The Houston City Council has passed a motion to delay the vote for the Automotive Repair Shop Licensing Ordinance. The council remains divided on several items within the licensing ordinance, and the majority feels that more time should be granted in order to have input from additional small-business owners, as well as educate the five new members of the city council (who will take office next year) about the issue.

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The delay will allow more time for further deliberation and communication with members of the Houston City Council over potential changes in the proposed ordinance language.

“The motion to delay is a victory for small-business owners and consumers,” said council member Jolanda Jones. “What happened at the Town Hall meeting this week was democracy at its best. This is about getting the true stakeholders together to address their concerns.”

The Automotive Service Association’s Houston chapter has been active in a grassroots effort, contacting Houston Mayor Annise D. Parker and all members of the City Council, recommending changes to Section 8 of the current proposed Automotive Repair Shop Licensing Ordinance. While the ordinance has improved dramatically since ASA began working with the city, ASA believes further changes are necessary for ASA to be supportive.


The ordinance is scheduled to be voted on by the Houston City Council on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012.

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