I-CAR Details Continued COVID-19 Relief Efforts
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I-CAR Details Continued COVID-19 Relief Efforts

In a recent industry-wide announcement, I-CAR CEO and President John Van Alstyne shared the organization’s continuing COVID-19 relief measures, including updated training delivery plans, credentialing renewal relief plans plus a series of free and discounted training offerings, as well as highlights of recent progress and a look ahead at 2020 plans.

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The announcement opened with Van Alstyne acknowledging the hardships and difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I-CAR’s ongoing initiatives since early March to provide relief efforts.

“All of us across the industry have been living in a very different world for the past two months and will be for the foreseeable future,” he said. “We’re experiencing business and personal pressure unlike anything most of us have experienced in the past. I’d like to start with a general and heartfelt thank you to everyone in our industry, for all that you do, your commitment to the industry and one another, and for your support of the vision and mission of I-CAR.”


Van Alstyne then outlined a series of COVID-19 industry relief measures featuring free and discounted training options:

  • Continued industry-wide access to I-CAR’s full suite of online and virtual training, featuring all the newly updated and relevant “purpose-built” courses launched in October 2019
  • Extension of the organization’s live classroom and in-shop training pause, at least through June 15. Plus, conversion of required live training into virtual training for ongoing delivery through at least the duration of the live training pause
  • Modified credentialing renewal dates for I-CAR Gold Class and Platinum recognition programs for businesses and individuals with renewal dates through September 2020, including deferral of Welding Training & Certification requirements until 2021
  • Gold Class subscription payment relief (ie., one month free or three months deferred billing for existing subscribers, three months free for new subscribers)
  • Free access to I-CAR’s Reparability Technical Support (RTS), an online technical portal that provides collision repair best practices, OEM-specific searches, information and news
  • Free registration for Using Vehicle Maker Repair Procedures course
  • Access to four free production management courses
  • Five discounted ADAS course packages: 3 Courses For The Cost of 2
  • Free access to its New Era of Collision Repair Virtual Conference content, featuring leading industry speakers
  • And also coming in late May: discounted vehicle technology specific course packages: 3 Courses For the Cost of 2

Van Alstyne also announced the successful completion of remaining issues related to the October 2019 “Even Better I-CAR” launch, which involved resolution of a series of Learning Management System (LMS) data, training status reporting and course playability issues. He said he firmly believes that I-CAR has those issues behind them, and now is moving forward with a re-energized focus shifted to bringing out planned new user experience enhancements.


Case in point, Van Alstyne reported strong system wide engagement and training:

  • Approximately 365,000 online courses completed since October 2019
  • More than 19,000 learners took training in April 2020, up from 12,000 learners in April 2019

Plus, overall training in 2019:

  • Gold Class grew by 23% over 2018 (8,359 in 2019 vs. 6,818 in 2018)
  • Platinum technicians increased 28% (32,610 in 2019 vs. 25,428 in 2018)

Looking ahead to 2020 plans, Van Alstyne shared I-CAR’s commitment to training continues with “robust industry support” through its rapidly expanding Sustaining Partner program and the newly debuted Membership Council, offering inter-industry perspective, insights and feedback to guide future curriculum needs and support. I-CAR’s Sustaining Partner program engagement has experienced a 133% growth since its 2018 inception, with 38 inter-industry partners representing OEMs, insurers, information providers and suppliers.


“I just want to thank you for hanging in there during our COVID-19 crisis and taking advantage of the opportunities to train and stay current with your credentialing requirements and for your understanding and compassion as we do what we can to give you relief and to serve your needs,” Van Alstyne said.

A recording of the full announcement can found here.

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