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Industry Panel to Discuss Importance of Pre- and Post-Repair Scans, Calibration/Recalibration at NACE | CARS

Mike Anderson will lead the panel in a discussion that will attempt to reduce the friction between shops and insurers by educating attendees about what does or does not need to be done and when.



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Mike Anderson, industry consultant and president/owner of Collision Advice, will lead a panel of OE and insurance representatives in a discussion about the need for pre- and post-repair scans and  calibration/recalibration during NACE | CARS 2016. The intent is to reduce the friction between shops and insurers by educating the attendees about what does or does not need to be done and when. This first-ever roundtable program will take place during NACE | CARS 2016 in Anaheim on Aug. 11th, 9:30-11 a.m., followed by a 30-minute Q&A period, at the Central Stage on the Expo Floor. Anyone with an Expo Pass can attend.


“There is a lot of talk in the industry about whether or not it is necessary to scan every vehicle, pre- and post-repair,” said Anderson. “Do we really need to perform a calibration on vehicles such as Toyota or Honda? And what if it is not even occupied? Are there parameters to these items? Quite often, the OEMs tell us in their repair information that we need to do these things, however, insurers do not always pay for this work, and shops sometimes wonder if it is really necessary. This panel discussion is intended to educate all parties in the collision repair industry – insurers, shops and technicians.”


Dan Risley, ASA president and executive director, added, “This is the first time the industry has had a panel comprised of this level of industry expertise and the largest collection of OEs to ever participate. NACE | CARS is proud to offer such a panel, and we are excited to be working with industry expert Mike Anderson on bringing together this important topic and key players for discussion. Shop owners will want to take part in this program as it directly affects their business.”

Those participating on the panel as of now include: Chris Toby, American Honda Motor Company, Inc.; Eric Mendoza, Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.; Brian Wayne, FCA; John Eck, General Motors; Mark Allen, Audi of America, Inc.; Mark Zoba, Nissan North America, Inc.; and Clint Marlow, Allstate.


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