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Infinity Insurance Apologizes to Florida Body Shop for Disparaging Comments


Infinity Insurance has apologized to a Florida body shop for comments made by one of the insurer’s claims persons to one of the shop’s customers.

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The comments were aimed at Gunder’s Auto Center in Lakeland, Fla., recorded by the customer and subsequently posted on Gunder’s website. Some of the things the claims person said were, "[Gunder’s] is known for overcharging a great deal” and that “[Gunder’s] adds things [to the charges] that are not relevant to the repairs.”

As a result of the comments, owner Ray Gunder immediately contacted his legal counsel, Brent Geohagan, who promptly provided a letter placing the insurer’s claims manager on notice and demanding that Infinity Insurance agree and confirm, in writing within 10 days, that such wrongful conduct on behalf of any Infinity Insurance representative will cease and desist immediately with no reoccurrences.


Infinity Insurance Company’s regional claims manager then apologized to Gunder, said it was an isolated incident, and assured him that the matter would be addressed and that no such conduct would take place in the future with Gunder’s or any other repairers.

“This is not the way Infinity conducts its business,” he said.

“The quickest and surest way to get my back up is to attack me, my family and my company’s integrity," said Gunder. "We’ve served our community with honesty and fairness for over four decades, and I assure you we’ll hold anyone accountable for such slanderous remarks.


"I don’t know this [claims person], and she doesn’t know Gunder’s or me. She’s never been here or had any dealings with us in the past. I’m confident she was merely following the instructions and word track given her by her supervisor, and hopefully she has learned a valuable lesson.

"I very much appreciate [Infinity’s] response and concern and accept their apologies. I look forward to serving Infinity’s policyholders and claimants in the future and doing so without interference.”

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