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Installing Infiniti Crush Horn Kits

Every day, body shops make critical decisions to either repair, replace or section structural components. Often those decisions depend primarily on industry trends or previous experience. But will that experience be helpful for late-model vehicles with special repair requirements?

With all of the new vehicles being developed yearly, many using exotic metals and composite materials, old-school structural repair and sectioning procedures may not be correct. To help body shops repair their customers’ vehicles properly, manufacturers often publish proper structural repair and sectioning procedures.

This article describes the replacement procedure for a service kit that’s offered by Infiniti for the 2006 QX56® left- and right-side rear member crush horns.

Service Procedure
Always refer to ALLDATA® for safety procedures, identification of material types and welding procedures.

• Always identify the types of material you’re working on with respect to handling, heating and welding precautions.
• Material handling, safety and identification should always be the first steps when servicing a vehicle.
• The Service Procedure is to be completed after the first cross member has been removed.

Nissan Crush Horn Service Kit Part Numbers
LH — 75511 ZC 330
RH — 75510 ZC 330

Portions to Be Welded
• Inner side rail crush horn and outer side rail crush horn.

Step 1
• Scribe a straight line on the outer side rail crush horn and inner side rail crush horn along the hole centerline as shown in the figure to the right.
Step 2
• Cut off the outer side rail crush horn and inner side rail crush horn along scribed line A. Do not cut on the hole.
Step 3
• Cut inner side rail crush horn at 45mm backward cut position of cut line A (along line B).
Step 4
After removing the outer panel, dress area on the inner panel surface with a sander or equivalent.
Step 5
• Scribe a straight line on the inner side rail crush horn along the hole centerline as shown in the figure. Cut off the inner side rail crush horn along the scribed line.

Writer Dan Espersen is ALLDATA CollisionConnect Program Manager. Espersen is I-CAR Platinum Certified, a Gold Pin Member of the Collision Industry Conference (CIC) and holds an AA Degree in Automotive Technology. He has 15 years of experience in the collision industry and 17 years of experience in the automotive industry.

2007 ALLDATA LLC. All rights reserved. All technical information, images and specifications are from the ALLDATA Product. ALLDATA is a registered trademark of ALLDATA LLC. All other marks are the property of their respective holders. Infiniti and QX56 are registered trademarks of the Nissan Motor Company and are being used solely for reference and application purposes.


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