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Is Your Shop the Only One

Ever been told your shop is the only one charging for that? Well … you’re not alone.


Based on BodyShop Business‘ 2000 Industry Profile, 48.4 percent of shops have heard that line from insurance companies.

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What did these shops want paid for? A few examples include:

  • Blending;
  • Shop supplies (nuts, bolts, clips, etc.);
  • Hazardous-waste removal;
  • R&R of handles and moldings on repaired panels;
  • Pickup and delivery;
  • Masking for overspray and interior jambs;
  • Storage and towing when cars are at the shop more than two weeks;
  • Car covers;
  • Alignment times;
  • Color sand and buff;
  • Cleanup on used parts;
  • Setup time on frame;
  • Road testing car after repairs;
  • Detailing.

Despite being told they’re “the only one” charging for that operation, 49.5 percent of respondents still always charge for that operation; 12.1 percent still charge 75 percent of the time; 20.2 percent charge 50 percent of the time; and 18.2 percent never charge for that operation.

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