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Kentucky Bill Would Remove Airbags from Total Loss Calculations


The Kentucky Senate is considering a bill that would exclude the cost
of airbag replacement from the 75 percent total loss calculation.

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Pat J. Gisler, executive director of the Automotive Service Council of
Kentucky (ASC-KY) said the bill would help save cars that may have been
totaled otherwise and provide more work for shops.

“We’re totaling cars that there actually isn’t that much wrong with
because they’re older and airbags are so expensive to replace,” she
said. “We’re thinking that this will put some money back into the
pockets of shops and consumers.”

The bill also stipulates that insurers would still be bound by terms
and conditions of individual policies relating to airbag reinstallation.

The  Senate has referred the bill, which the House of Representatives
already passed, to the Transportation Committee. A hearing for the bill
is slated for March 11.


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