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Life Savings Be Damned

The 2003 Maybach by Mercedes-Benz


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Too much money burning a hole in your pocket? Look no further than the 2003 Maybach. Hire a chauffeur. You’ll want the back seat in this Mercedes-Benz luxury car all to yourself.

  • I want to spend a whole bunch of money on something that will depreciate tens of thousands of dollars the minute I take it home.

Then the Maybach is your answer. And for the bargain price of just $250,000, you can afford to give “Jeeves” a raise.

  • Driving stresses me out.

Then don’t drive. Designed to be chauffeur-driven, the Maybach features rear seats that adjust to a reclining position with automatic leg and foot supports at the touch of a button, a 20-inch TV, a DVD player, Dolby surround sound and multiple phone lines that allow occupants to receive calls, faxes and e-mails. There’s also a four-zone climate-control system, a refrigerator and a tilting/sliding sunroof all available at no extra charge. (Isn’t that generous? I guess they figure that for $250,000, they can throw in a few freebies.)


  • nGosh, I hope it won’t get too bumpy. I’d hate to spill my champagne.

Technology comes to the rescue with Active Body Control. This shock-absorber system can be adjusted via software and features dynamically adjustable hydraulic cylinders at the wheels, doing away with stabilizers. The displacements of the hydraulic cylinders, which are connected in series with the coil springs, generate forces that counteract fluctuations in the wheel load. And don’t you worry. The ABC continuously matches the suspension and shock-absorption characteristics to current driving conditions. This clever little feat is performed with the help of sensors, which record the yaw angle speed, longitudinal and transverse acceleration, vertical superstructure acceleration, and the relative path between the wheels and the body. These actual values are constantly matched to the target values. Cheers!


  • All those extras sound like a lot of work. Do I really want to exert myself that much?

Granted, this many functions usually lead to a corresponding number of control and display elements. But, since the design intends to spoil the passenger, touch-pads and small 6-inch displays allow you to simply choose a button from computer-like on-screen menus and a fingertip will execute the desired function.

  • How’s she look? After all, I do have a rep to protect.

However you’d like her to look. Maybachs aren’t designed by referring to a catalog. Instead, buyers detail their wants to consultants and choose from a unique range of materials, colors and technical details Ñ from individually designed trim through inlaid work to high-specification business equipment in the rear. Your Maybach will be your Maybach.


  • After spending $250,000 on the Maybach, I can’t afford to spend another fortune filling it up.

No problem. The Maybach is powered by a high-torque V12 engine boasting a cubic capacity of just under six liters, and it’s made from magnesium/aluminum materials, which significantly cut fuel consumption. Extremely efficient three-valve technology with dual ignition forms the basis on which the engine achieves optimum performance with low fuel consumption. With all the savings on fuel, you may as well throw in that available humidor!

Writer Cheryl McMullen is managing editor of BodyShop Business.

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